CLARELLE [Melinda DeKay] (the Landlady) - A washed-up, TV / stage actress turned bitter home telemarketer with an ill temper, a sharp tongue, and a bad back.  Clarelle is the ever-cynical matriarch and live-in Landlady of the house.

GATOR [Dan Sanders-Joyce] (the Misfit) - A special effects gore make-up artist sliding down a slippery slope in his career.  Once sought after for blockbuster movies, he now struggles to find jobs working low-budget horror films.  He is a complete jokester who hides his true self from everyone around him.  His affinity with bloody entrails is humorous to him, but just plain creepy to others.

CARRIE [Angelica Chitwood] (the Addict) - A runway model wannabe, a beautiful, bulimic blonde with a heavy cocaine habit. Carrie deeply resents her present living conditions and is willing to do 'whatever it takes' to rise to stardom.

PLEASURE [Jenn Pinto] (the Sexpot) - A D-level internet porn / naughty webcam girl.  Pleasure is a “ghetto-born”, knock-off fashion queen with a big, bad attitude who is right on the verge of breaking into mainstream feature film porn.

TYRELL [David Bianchi] (the Germaphobe) - A classically trained, struggling actor, who is a self-centered perfectionist, germaphobe, and a prude. He is the type of guy who always carries a handkerchief and bottle of hand sanitizer and meticulously labels everything in the fridge.

RANJIT [Arsh Singh] (the Pervert) - A foreign-exchange student, fresh out of Technology School with a computer engineering certificate and a soon-to-expire student Visa.  Ranjit is an awkward, sheltered geek facing traditional Punjabi family pressures.  He spends most of his time alone in his room 'programming' (aka hacking into ‘Pleasure’s Paradise’, his roommate's porn site).